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About Halogifs

Our Story

Halogifs was established in 2018, with a free flowing artistic vision of portraying a vibe to its audience through motion pictures mixed with music that captured a feel. Capturing and then portraying this very feel amongst people, would then give humans an artistic way of thinking, spread different vibes or feelings for what they may be experiencing or have experienced, and also provide an outlet for discovering or bringing back music from the present and past. With this very vision, Halogifs has and continues to do just what it originally set out to do, and that is to spread vibes and build connections.

Why the name Halogifs?

No, not because of Halo the game hahaha, but the word " Halo " actually being a ring around you. When you watch the animations,  or " graphic interchange formatted " images, mixed with music or different sounds you are taking yourself, your mind on an adventure. When on this mind journey, you are then encircled by a Halo of different vibes, in which you are experiencing.

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